Weekly Updates

Unidad 1: La oruga muy hambrienta

As you know, first grade students have been working on clothing and weather words. They will take a quiz on this information on Friday. The end of the quarter is Thursday, February 1. We will be discussing food and preferences (I like, don’t like) during the third quarter.
First grade students this week are finishing their alebrijes project. They created a set of “alebrijes” using Model Magic based on the wooden ones from Mexico to illustrate one pair of opposites. Then, after decorating them, they also needed to write about their pair. Students will take a quiz on opposites vocabulary on Monday and…

Unidad 2: La familia y los opuestos

Unidad 3: Las estaciones del año

Unidad 4: Las partes del cuerpo

Unidad 5: Las actividades y el parque