Weekly Updates

Unidad 1b: La rutina diaria

As you know, fourth grade has been studying the verb IR (to go) this quarter, along with different forms of transportation. Most recently, they have been researching a province of Argentina in order to relay information to their class about the region and its activities. The end of the quarter is Thursday, February 1. We will be learning more about the geographic features of Argentina in quarter 3.
This week students in fourth grade will complete one final view of telling time and the daily routine vocabulary before taking a re-take of their quiz. It is imperative that students study their vocabulary so that they are not again unable to complete the quiz.

Unidad 2: Los medios de transporte

How do I…

  • know the names of different modes of transport in Spanish? Click here to review the flashcards.
  • understand what different methods of transportation sound like? Watch this video for more information. 
  • read for meaning in a story about the different modes of transportation? Click here to read a story and complete other fun activities. 

Unidad 3: Los accidentes geográficos

Unidad 4: Argentina y sus provincias

How do I…

  • know the names and locations of Argentina’s provinces? Click here to play with an interactive map.
  • know the names of the capitals of Argentina’s provinces? Click here to play with an interactive map.
  • find interesting places to look at and study about in each province? Click here for more information.

Unidad 5: El tiempo atmosférico y la ropa

Unidad 1: La escuela

How do I know….

  • what el, la, los, and las mean in Spanish? Click here for more information about articles (artículos).
  • if a word is masculine (uses el or un) or feminine (uses la or una)? Click here for more information about gender (género).
  • how to form plurals?  (To make things more than one?)  Click here for more information and a short quiz about plurals (plurales). 

Click here for a video related to this unit.