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Unidad: Verbos con cambios de raĆ­z

How do I.... 
  • know the rules for stem-change verbs? Read here or here more information. 
  • practice the changes? Visit here or here
  • know which lessons to complete in Powerspeak?  Lessons 148-152. 

As you know, sixth grade has been researching the different regions of Guatemala. They completed an oral presentation on one of the regions last week.

Students will take a final quiz on this information and stem-change verbs next week. The end of the quarter is Thursday, February 1. In third quarter, students will be reviewing places to go in the city along with reflexive verbs to discuss daily routines.

Students in sixth grade are just beginning to practice stem-change verbs, where there is a slight change in vowels in the stem of the verb in additional to needing to conjugate it. There are set of flashcards on the website students should be studying to ensure they know the word meanings. We are currently focusing on E:IE stem change words.

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